We put our kids to school to prepare them for the future. Are we really preparing them right? The world is continuously changing. In fact, change is the only constant in this world. So, what could we do to bring out the best in our kids and have them ready to face the world? By equipping them with 21st century skills such as creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and flexibility. These are all being taught at BrainLight Singapore Math.

You’d probably ask, with Math? How’s that even possible? The mathematics curriculum framework involves problem solving skills such as attitudes, metacognition, skills, concepts and processes. With these, kids can then analyze, apply and communicate ideas applicable in real-life. Applications and analysis of Math is what Singapore Math is about.

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At BrainLight Singapore Maths, right opportunities are provided for children to develop deep and sustainable understanding of math concepts. These are obtained through hands on experience, variety of teaching techniques and well-thought sequence of concepts expressed not only in written but verbally as well.

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Teacher-student ratio is 1:4. Students can be enrolled as young as 3 years old up to grade 6, but the earlier the kid is taught Singapore Math, the better.

Enrollment packages are:
10hrs – 6,000 pesos
50hrs – 27,500 pesos
100hrs – 50,000 pesos

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm

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They do free assessment for the kids.
Educators are licensed teachers and and they do have special trainings.

BrainLight Singapore Maths is located at Unit 317 McKinley Park Residences, 3rd Ave. BGC
You may reach them at 0917 122 9978 / 0919 297 1167 / (02) 211 9624

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