The answer to hair loss | Visible results in as early as 2 weeks

My hair was thick and smooth when I was a little kid. Dont know what happened since then haha.
My hair is super fine and dry. I want more volume.
I envy those with naturally beautiful and thick hair. Now, I’m using these Bosley products – nourishing shampoo and volumizing conditioner. Been using them for a month now and my hair’s showing significant improvement already. In fact, improvement started to become visible in as early as 2 weeks.

Things I love about the
BosDefense Shampoo:
◾gently cleans the scalp and hair to give a better foundation for healthy hair.
◾has sage and pentapeptides to help strengthen hair.
◾rice amino acids to help thicken hair
◾it cools my scalp. Gives me that absolute refreshing feeling when I bathe

BosDefense Conditioner:
◾Though it’s made to thicken our hair, it infuses weightless body and leaves hair shiny.
◾It’s invigorating and doesn’t leave my scalp and hair feeling hot and oily.
◾The oil my scalp produces is distributed evenly from root to tip for some reasons.
◾Has sage and pentapeptides to stimulate production of keratin protein that strengthens hair

BosDefense Thickening Treatment:
It’s the step 3 of the BosDefense. It’s a mousse treatment that doesn’t have to be rinsed off. Just apply directly on to scalp and hair, and comb through.
◾Has LifeXtend complex that has algae extract to help remove toxins that cause hair loss and thinning.
◾Has Biotinyl –GHK that promotes healthier looking follicles.
◾Has apple stem cell, rice amino acids and vegetable protein for healthy hair, fortified and nourished roots.

Bosley product line is distributed by Eiskin Laboratories
BosDefense Shampoo – Php1,200 SRP
BosDefense Conditioner – Php1,300 SRP
BosDefense Thickening Conditioner – Php1,850 SRP

For orders, you may hit them up on Facebook @BosleyPhilippines

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