Since Olivia’s turning one the 19th of this month, my dad decided to buy her her first car haha

Her car’s definitely exempted from the number coding scheme and she definitely won’t be caught over-speeding (LOL)

It’s enormous. It won’t even fit in our doorway. We had to lift it sideways to fit in. Here’s my 4-year-old nephew for scale.


We chose this 2-seater ATV type. It’s like a Gator.

It has shock absorbers and can carry up to 50 kgs. It’s recommended for 2 to 9 year olds. I can even ride here if I still weigh the same prior to my pregnancy hehe.


It’s rechargeable. It has a foot pedal that serves as an accelerator. It can also be controlled remotely with their compact sized controller.

And would you believe that those four lights on the sides are actual LED lights? Well, they are.

It also has built in music, usb/mp3 plot, bluetooth and FM radio

Amazing, isn’t it? It’s like a real automotive for our tiny humans.

Olivia loves riding it. She cries when I try to pick her up from it. Did I mention that it has seat belts? So you won’t worry about your kids bumping their head (but of course, with Olivia’s age, I supervise her closely. I still have one hand on her)


Another one that caught my eye was the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4×4. It’s an actual Ford Licensed product.


It has the same specs as our ATV, except that this one can carry up to 55 kilos. it has a key start, and has a speed of 5-7km/h, it has dual motor (hi-low) and its battery is 12VOLTS.

Mall price is 30,000 but they sell it for almost half the price at 17,500.


They also have Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, motorcycles and a lot more.

They ship nationwide and offer free delivery in Metro Manila, Cavite and selected areas in Laguna.

You may visit their Facebook page, Kiddie CARS Philippines

You may also reach them on these numbers – 0923 735 4053, 09156662926, 09255506734

Awesome product and service, very accommodating.

I even received this crocodile dentist toy as a freebie. We’ll let the kids and adults play this for Olivia’s birthday


What are you waiting for? Go get your kids one (or two hehe)

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