Beauty Pageant for Moms – An awareness campaign

Let me start this by sharing the society’s standards for beauty, and apparently, they seem unattainable. The concept of being beautiful nowadays is flawless-24 inch waistline-thigh gap-toned arms-pouty lips, and the list just goes on.

All these seem unattainable. And when women think that they don’t fit the criteria, they would lose confidence, think lesser of themselves and eventually could lead to depression.

At school, work, or almost everywhere, the “beautiful women” are always preferable and the ones who have the advantage. Then, the girls who are not “preferable” would start to doubt themselves, and yet again, see less about themselves and eventually could lead to depression. Women of all ages could suffer from this – moms, adults, teenage girls, and even the younger ones. The thing is, WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL! And that’s the truth ♥️ hold your head high and say this, “I AM BEAUTIFUL”

These are the reasons why we came up with the idea to organize a beauty pageant for moms, no height limit, no weight limit, because beauty comes from the inside and it comes in all shapes and sizes. We’ll be starting out small, and with God’s grace, make the pageant bigger year after year.

I want this (real) beauty pageant idea to come to life because I want to spread awareness that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and the inside matters a lot, too. 

We can slowly change the society’s perception of “beauty”, we can slowly change the world. Not only this generation will benefit but also our offsprings’ generation and the next and the next.

If you are interested to take part in this event, or be one of the sponsors, please feel free to email us at

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