My husband and I are asking for our baon from Olivia before leaving for school.

For a start, my husband and I graduated years ago. He finished college on 2009 and I, on 2010.

He was a tiger and I was an archer.

However, on this picture, we wanted to reminisce how it felt back in the days. So, we dressed up (and acted) as students (and yes, we pretended that Olivia’s our mom on this photo).

I remembered how it felt back then. Being a frosh is okay, you get excited and nervous at the same time. But if you’re not a freshman and when you have felt the pressure from your professors plus all of the home works, paper works (a lot), quizzes and exams (nakaka drain), all you’d ever wish for is either another school break or the graduation day.

During high school and the first year of college, I really didn’t prioritize studying. I “hated” studying. All I wanted was a passing grade but it all changed when I come to realize that it’ll be a lot more difficult if I fail.

Why? Because there are pre-requisite subjects. If I fail just a single course, automatically, I’d be an irregular student with broken sched, with no particular set of friends and classmates and  I’d be graduating late.

That realization was a game changer. I kind of became a “nerd” and thankfully I finished college with honors (ehem! Not bragging here hehe)

My secret? I set my mind. I envisioned my goal. As they say, “it’s all in the mind”.

If you are mentally prepared and if you try to enjoy all those paper works, long quizzes and exams, all those requirements are just going to be like a game that you’ll play with one hand and one eye closed.

Of course, your brain won’t function well if your physical state is not okay.


  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Eat on time
  4. Dress comfortably (wear the ones that won’t make you look like a suman or the ones that won’t compliment your body. If you dress well and if you feel like you look nice on it, you’ll have a driven mind and the confidence to face the world.)

    Dress up according to your mood and own style.
  5. Have some stress relievers (listen to music, watch movies or K-drama, browse your social media accounts or take a selfie. Ayy grabe how lucky millennials are. You guys can do all these with just one device.)

Plus, think of your parents’ hard earned money. Your tuition fee and daily allowance are definitely not barya.  They spent a lot of time and effort just so they can send you off to school. Do not put them to waste.

And ultimately, pray. Pray that God will give you the strength, knowledge, motivation and a clear mind to face all those challenges and school works.


“Which OPPO #SelfieExpert smartphone is best to use when taking OOTDs? Why?”

I am using the OPPO F1 and I must say it’s camera is impeccable. Perfect for taking OOTD’s and selfies. I heard great reviews about the new OPPO F3, though. It’s flagship, having two lenses, is just a game changer. Just imagine taking a groufie with your families or friends without having a hard time trying to compress and fit everybody in. You can even take a full head-to-toe OOTD selfie without having to ask someone to take a photo for you, no need for timers, too.

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