It’s been 2 weeks now since our BabyLove journey started. We have switched to BabyLove diapers when I discovered about it. Really glad I did. My little girl has been at her most comfortable, happy and makulit since then. Nothing is hindering her from exploring the things around her. No saggy diaper, no leakage, just pure comfort.

Here are the things I love about BabyLove nappies:

  1. Cottony soft. It’s super soft inside and even on the outside. I can rub it on my face and would feel like cotton. It takes really good care of my Olivia’s skin. And the waist band, too. The waist band is breathable and soft. She doesn’t get too sweaty around that area.
  2. Leak protection. Absolutely no leakage or pooplosions. No matter how heavy her diaper is because of too much pee, it just won’t leak. And this is made possible because of the dual side barrier protection. Seriously, I haven’t seen anything like it. It locks around my toddler’s thighs well, yet she can move freely and doesn’t leave marks on her skin.
  3. BabyLove absorbs pees quickly and leaves Olivia’s skin dry and comfortable. This lock and dry power enable her to sleep comfortably and for longer stretches at night. Whilst during daytime, she can freely explore and play around without the eeky feeling.
  4. A diaper pack has two different diaper designs and they are equally cute! Our family love the design – Switzerland and France – both of them are colourful and super eye candy.

No wonder my kid is extremely happy these past few weeks. As a mom, I couldn’t be more happier and thankful for this product from Thailand, BabyLove diaper. It makes my Olivia happy, comfortable and safe.

I trust BabyLove and I’m sure you will, too. Give your kids the diaper brand that will take care of them and touch their skin just like you do.

BabyLove diaper is marked down on up to 30-50% off at Lazada for LZD Birthday period 25-27 April 2018
For more info, please visit BabyLove diaper’s Facebook page

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