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Baby Dove is here to uplift every mom’s spirit | No perfect moms, just real ones

I am quoting the following from my past blog post, “Open letter to all moms who are often judged”

“People often judge us by what they see. Especially, us, first time mommas.People will criticize us based on what they think is “right”.
So, this goes out to all:
-Stay at home moms who are judged by “not doing anything”
-Working moms who are judged by leaving their baby over their careers.
-Moms who do chores rather than play with their babies
-Moms who prefer to play with their babies and make the chores wait.
-Moms who’ve had their kids at an early age
-And mums who’ve had theirs later
-Mommas who workout after giving birth
-Mammas who gained a lot of weight
-Moms who haven’t potty train their babies YET
-Mums who give dummies
-Moms who buy lots of clothes and toys for their little ones
-And mums who don’t

People will judge us no matter how hard we try to do what we think is right and best for our babies. But as the saying goes, you cannot please everybody. You are your own self, and your baby is unique just as you are. Follow what makes you and your baby happy and comfortable. ”

baby dove no perfect moms only real ones baby dove philippines

There’s no perfect woman, we are all unique in our own ways, and that has been the advocacy of Dove ever since – that all women are beautiful and unique, no matter the size, color, race, etc. Same goes with Moms, there are no perfect moms, there are only real moms. We know and feel what is best for our own children, so cheer up, mama! You are doing well, trust your own way.

baby dove no perfect moms only real ones baby dove philippines

Baby Dove is here for us, the real moms. Baby Dove product line is now in the Philippines and here to bring superior quality products. Baby Dove’s product range is a new line of premium baby care products that go
beyond mildness to moisturize baby’s delicate skin. It has 2 variants: Rich Moisture &
Sensitive Moisture, with the following products

– Rich Moisture Baby Bar
– Rich Moisture Hair-to-Toe wash (200ml & 400 ml)
– Rich Moisture Baby Lotion
– Rich Moisture Baby Shampoo
– Rich Moisture wipes
– Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar
– Sensitive Moisture Tip-to-toe wash
– Sensitive Moisture Baby Lotion

baby dove no perfect moms only real ones baby dove philippines

My Olivia was diagnosed with mild atopic dermatitis before she turned one. As all babies’ skin is sensitive, my kid’s turned out to be more sensitive. Hence, I have to carefully choose the products I use on her. Dove was one of the products I used to treat her eczema. Now, comes Baby Dove and it moisturizes her skin even more. It’s soft and gentle perfect for my baby’s skin and even for newborns. Moreover, Olivia and I are both more excited for our massage time everyday because we use Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion after bath and before bedtime.

For more info, please visit their Facebook page @BabyDovePH

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