Baby Bedroom Nightmares Busted

It’s been a relatively peaceful day. You’ve just had dinner, the kitchen is clean, the TV is on, and your children are happily watching their bedtime TV programme, knowing full well they’re about to unleash hell upon you. Because whilst all is calm, you both know that in a few minutes, the dreaded bath and bedtime routine is about to begin, and this never goes down well for either of you, does it? So, whilst your child is probably plotting all of the ways that they can avoid getting into the bath or ready for bed, you need to plot exactly how you can get them to do just that. If you find the key to making the whole process enjoyable, you’ll never have to dread it again. So, luckily for you, we’ve got some of the biggest baby bedroom nightmares here, and how you can make sure they’re knocked out of the park.

The Dreaded Bath

So, before your little one even makes it to the bedroom, they’re going to have to make it past the bathroom first. This is the part that most children hate, as it is the time of day that signals the end of the day. So, to make it more enjoyable, you need to make sure that you’re filling the bath with as many toys as you possibly can. Make it extra bubbly for them to play with, and allow them to take one of their favourite toys from downstairs into the bath, as long as it’s ok to get wet! Make it all about play in the bath, and you can get them clean around that basis. As long as they’re distracted whilst they’re in there, you’ll be able to get them in and out in no time. Plus, the warm water of the bath combined with the cold air helps them to get into a state of sleep, so the next part is going to become that little bit easier.


Relaxation is essential. Unless they have had a super long day, they’re not going to be as tired as you think when it comes to going to bed, so you’re going to have to do everything you can to get them in that state of mind. You can get things such as a himalayan salt lamp which will give a warm glow to the room, helping to induce sleep as you need it to do. Plus, one big factor in children struggling to get to sleep is that they’re so scared of the dark! That warm glow will happily relax them. Softly reading them a book, or singing them a song whilst stroking their hair is also a good technique. Like most of us older people, children love a tickle, and it can be so super relaxing before bed!

Routine Is Essential

Routine definitely is essential. The more you get them to bed at a certain time, the more their bodies will want to be in bed at that time. Think of it as your stomach. You get hungry at certain points in the day because your body is used to eating at that time of day. It works the same way with your child’s mind and sleep!

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