Are you an artist? Or do you simply appreciate art pieces? Or just looking for a fun place to take your kids? Worry not. We’ve got you covered. Art In Island is the place to be.

Since my husband is an artist, I’m hoping that Olivia would be one, too. So I wanted to introduce her* to artworks. So we took her at Art In Island last Sunday.

Unlike usual museums where you cannot touch the paintings, Art In Island is the other way around.

Art In Island is an interactive museum. It has huge 3D paintings. We, the spectators, decide what we wanted to portray or what story to tell by posing with these artworks and capturing them on camera. Thus, completing the illusion that these paintings are coming to life. Basically, this museum makes us appreciate art pieces and at the same time making us directors and actors of our own stories.

Since there are paintings everywhere, even on the floor, everyone is required to deposit their shoes upon entering. You will be given a number and use it to claim your shoes upon exit.

Don’t worry, the croc did not eat my baby, nor the crab crushed us, your eyes are just deceiving you. These are 3D paintings plus a bit of our acting skills. And oh, my husband doesn’t know how to surf. So, that’s just painting as well hehe

Olivia playing under the sea with her mermaid friends
See how detailed this Angler fish is? Just amazing









I think this is Olivia’s favorite part of the museum.

She loves animals. When she sees one in person, she would scream out of excitement. In here, she kept on touching and talking to the elephant, monkeys, giraffe and bears. She seriously thought that they’re for real.

She screamed her lungs out when she saw the tiger. She literally got the attention of the other spectators. So here, I was trying to mimic my reaction when she screamed. Haha
Your Highness
Just playing hide and seek with Charlie Chaplin


This section of the museum is like a ballroom of the Versailles Palace. LITERALLY. These are 2-storey high paintings.


They are not in Venice. Still in Art In Island
The inverted room. This is similar to the one they used in the movie Alice In Wonderland.
Just WOW. My husband fell in love with this.

These are just a few snaps from our visit. We have more than a hundred.

Artist or not, it is impossible for you not to be amazed with these artworks. Everything’s a masterpiece. I am in no position to critique the artists’ works but as a layman, I fell in love with every single art. It is apparent that they have invested a lot of time and love in creating them. The details are very intricate. And can you just imagine how the artists figured out to make the paintings look like they’re real. Plus, they are really ENORMOUS.

Art In Island is a huge 2-storey museum and you’ll get exhausted if you pose with every single artwork. So I suggest that as you tour the museum, you appreciate the paintings first and choose where to pose for the picture taking. And be creative with your pose. Use your imagination. The more creative and unique, the better.

They have two cafes inside where you can have a break, eat snacks and have a drink before going back to appreciating the artworks.

They have very spacious parking lot, too.

For more info, visit their Facebook page or you may call them at (02) 421 1356

Art In Island is located at

175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro,
Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

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