Mothers day came early for Mommy bloggers, and celebrity moms as Tough Mama prepared a special day for us last February 19, at Flossom kitchen and Cafe in San Juan. The special day was dubbed #ToughMamaCooks

Celebrity moms Helga Krapf, Melissa Ricks, Beatriz Saw, and Say Alonzo were present at the Tough Mama Cooks event. That day was super fun-filled. Couple of games, lots of raffles and giveaways. Chef Jam Melchor showed off his skills in cooking. One of the entree he prepared was this Barbeque porkchop.

Bento Mommas had a mini workshop and taught us how to prepare a bento meal that our kids will surely love.

So, what is Tough Mama?

Tough Mama is a brand of home and kitchen appliances.

Why Tough Mama?

The CEO of Cherenz Global Manufacturing, Carol Yao’s inspiration in creating her brand was her Grandma. Her Grandma used the most basic appliances. And her Grandma taught her that one doesn’t need complex equipment at home or in the kitchen to produce good output.

Hence, Tough Mama was born. Her objective is to offer appliances that would make life simpler, and would give the best value for the consumers’ hard-earned money. With all the conveniences Tough Mama Appliances can offer, the consumers would then have more time to enjoy life and spend time with each of their families.

Tough Mama has got wide range of products – from juicer, glass blenders, dispensers to rice cookers, gas stoves, induction cooker, multicooker, to electric kettles, oven toaster, sandwich makers, to hand blenders to fans to washing machine to blow dryer – Tough Mama has got almost everything for you.

Before I got married, I used to be naive with household chores (it’s humiliating but it’s the truth huhu). There was a point when I got so embarassed when almost all of the meals I cooked for my husband were epic fails. But then, everything can be learned. As of now, I am still learning and I love doing things for my family, and appliances that do their jobs, durable, easy to use and would make my life a breeze are heaven sent.

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