Being a mom, I can’t help but be very keen when it comes to cleanliness. We, my husband and I, have to make sure that we have washed our hands or disinfected with rubbing alcohol (sometimes we even spray it all over our arms, face and body) before handling Olivia, and so are everybody who wanted to carry her (yep. That’s how OC we are. Thanks, everybody for understanding hehe).

Apparently, I also do the same with her things, hair brush, shoes, toys and surfaces and other stuff she comes in contact with.

It turns out, though, that it’s harmful for her. Let’s face it, babies munch on toys and other things to explore them (of course choking hazards shall be out of their reach). So, spraying harmful chemicals on things my baby munches on is a big no-no.

Good thing, I discovered Cradle toy and surface cleaner. It’s non-toxic and made out of all natural anti-bacterial agents, alcohol free and soap free. So, I wouldn’t have to worry about her licking and biting her toys.

When she drops her toys, I’d just have to spray it with the toy cleaner, wipe and ta-da, it’s clean again.

I usually clean her toys everyday (and every single time she drops them) even her stuff toys. I’d just spray, wipe, hang and air dry them. No sweat. No worries about germs lurking on her toys.

On the other hand, since I am exclusively breastfeeding Olivia, I only have to worry about cleaning her feeding utensils and food storage. I once used a natural bottle cleanser but I’m not quite satisfied with it. Fortunately, I discovered Cradle baby bottle and nipple cleanser. It has this yummy fruity scent. It’s natural and made up of edible ingredients. You can be rest assured that it’s mild but highly effective in cleaning. I even use it to clean my baby’s food. I serve only fruits and veggies for my girl. I make her food from scratch, and washing them with Cradle is the first step in making sure that her food is safe. Since it’s edible, I do not have to worry about her ingesting toxic chemicals.

To top it of, I use it to clean my nippies as well. It is advised to wash them with water only, but I am quite assured in using this product as, I’d reiterate, this product is very mild and edible.

These are definitely must-haves for parents. Don’t we all want what’s best for our babies? No compromise.

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