It is really ecstatic when you are about to enter the greatest chapter of your life – being a mom. At the same time, though, you get nervous of being in full responsibility of a tiny human’s life. You tend to worry about a lot of things such as have you bought and prepared everything before s/he arrives, do you know exactly what to do when s/he arrives or are you going to be a good mother.

These are the things that I personally have thought of a year ago. I have read a lot of books and and articles about birthing and motherhood, but as they say, a baby does not come with a manual, and I find things way different than the ones I read in the books.

I would like to ease those worries for soon-to-be-moms and first time moms by gathering these pieces of advice from mommy bloggers.

1.  “Enjoy your family. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There is always tomorrow. Sleep when you can. Kids grow up too fast so cherish every moment with them. Get help when needed. Best of all, do not forget to document every milestone. It will be your most priced possession.” –  Mommy Serene of

Mommy Serene of

2. “On this age where we’re used to having the internet even before we had our babies, it’s really a struggle to keep away our gadgets and focus on them. But my advise as a new mom, NEVER prioritize social media over your baby. Find time for FB or IG only when your kid doesn’t need attention. It helps a lot on their development.” – Mommy Nish of

Mommy Nish of

3.  “Do things that move you to love and everything else will follow – This has always been the advice my husband would give me every time I find it hard to decide. And after each successful decision, everything else seems bright and comfortable.” – Mommy Berlin of

Mommy Berlin of

4. “Motherhood is a roller coaster ride. It has its ups and downs but it’s worth it. Take it easy, you’ll be fine. Enjoy every moment you have with your little one.” – Mommy Ramona of

Mommy Ramona of

5. “Nowadays, most children are undoubtedly more intellectual. I guess its important not to be pressured by society’s ‘standards’ so as not to put too much pressure on the kids as well. Let them enjoy their childhood and just cherish every bit of it. — I’m a first time mom here and my son is just 3 years old. Still learning though but enjoying every moment.” – Mommy Jenelyn of

Mommy Jenelyn of

6. “Every motherhood journey is unique, never compare your journey to others especially your child to other children. Learn to ask help if needed, cherish every MOMents, invest in making memories instead of buying toys and material gifts” – Mommy Gracie of

Mommy Gracie of

7. “Be good on yourself, don’t put too much pressure. Motherhood is not easy but it is indeed enjoyable.” – Mommy Neri of

Mommy Neri of

8. “Find your own Mom Squad! I have my own support group of Moms who gave birth on the second quarter of 2015, the same time when I gave birth to my first born Gabriel. And they’ve been very helpful to me in navigating the world of motherhood. First time mommyhood is never easy. But having your own support group who understands the journey makes everything worthwhile.” – Mommy Michelle of

Mommy Michelle also shared that it helps as you can lean onto friends who would understand you with your baby blues and/or Post Partum Depression.

Mommy Michelle of

9. “Rest when you can, accept any help extended to you by family and friends and most importantly, don’t be hard on yourself.” – Mommy Jhanis of

Mommy Jhanis of

10. “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t ever think that you are doing something wrong because mothers respond to situations depending on one’s instinct. Take a rest. Don’t worry too much. If you are unsure of something, do not hesitate to ask other moms or ask Google! Spend time with the children since they won’t be kids forever. Cherish every moment!” – Mommy Kareen of

Mommy Kareen of


These lovely mommy bloggers sure have shared valuable pieces of advice. Do you have something to add up? Please comment below.



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