Who’s this Mommy?

Half Bicolana, half Bulaceña, pure Filipina.

I am a happily married wife to my artist husband and an OC mom, praning mom, OA mom, keen mom but most of all, I am a dedicated mama to my one year old daughter.

I do believe that the best things in life are free. I’ve got the Father Almighty, the best husband, daughter, family, in-laws, relatives and friends. My life is just full of love and wishes nothing more (well, except for a self-cleaning house and self-folding laundry lol)

I exclusively breastfeed my baby, hence, I have to take her with me all the time (yes. even during business related errands) I, together with my parents and brother, run our family business, a garments company. That’s my job.

But, I have discovered the writer in me, thus, the blogging. And it’s what I call my career. I basically write about breastfeeding, parenting, marriage, humor, top 10’s, finds, reviews and the in-between’s.

It was not until March of 2017 that I have started blogging.

Before getting married, I was in the travel industry. I started working right after I finished my practicum. I was once this honor student from a green and white college. Yes. Animo! hehe.

My husband and I work in tandem. Since he’s the artist, he’s the one who shoots and I do the write up and instagramming and fb-ing.

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