My child,

I can’t believe that you’ll be turning one soon. It seems that it was just yesterday when I gave birth to you.

You make me complete, my baby. I felt the greatest love of all because of you. You made me fell in love with you even before I had the first glimpse of you.

You are my treasure and I only want what’s best for you. I cant believe my eyes how fast you’ve grown. I wanted you to stay this tiny for a little bit longer but I’m also excited for what’s in store for you when you grow up.

Baby, I wanted you to excel in all aspects of life. You cant blame me, I am your mommy. My hopes are up but whatever you’ll become, I will be the proudest mom in the whole wide world.

If you wanted to excel academically or in extra curricular activities at school, do it for yourself. Do not do it because you wanted daddy and mommy to be proud of you. Do not do it because you wanted to impress people.

I do not want you to be like me. I tried to achieve things just to impress people. That was my goal, to impress them. But as I learned how life works, I came to a realization that it’s not important how successful will I be.

People might say that my life right now is far from the life your grandparents gave me. I may not have a house as big as theirs. I may not have the same fancy cars.  We have a simple one, though, and it can take us to places. That’s basically it’s purpose. And one thing is for sure, we have a home. A happy home full of love and faith. I have you and your dad in it.

People might think I have achieved nothing. But rest assured, honey, we are trying our best (especially dada) to give you the life that we have been dreaming of.

We might not have all the luxuries in life. But I have faith that we will get there in God’s time. If not, who cares? I have a treasure that not even the richest man can put a price tag on. And that is you.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. We should dream big, in fact.

A lot of people (shallow people) will be impressed with your success, but please keep this in mind, money is just money, achievements will be achievements. They will eventually fade and perish. Deep down inside you, you will be searching for something. Something that cannot be bought.

So, my child, dream to be happy. I want you to be happy. I love you.




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