We live in a world where technology is essential in our everday life, but is it really beneficial? Sure, there are pros. It makes a lot of stuff easier and more comfortable for us. However, I must say that there are things that our computer, videos, phone and tablet apps cannot teach us.

Studies show that in order for a baby to reach optimal brain development, parents must let them explore. How do children explore? By playing.

It is a lot different now compared to the ’90s.  Here’s a list of games we shall relive and teach our children. These games develop their imagination, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills, emotional and social skills. They will also get to learn the value of sharing, caring, and being a good sport. Plus, they’ll get to learn how life works. They will grasp the concept that life will sometimes knock you down, but no matter how hard it gets you, you have to get up and try harder to be better. These are the skills and learnings that no app can ever teach our kids. Besides, based on studies, people with higher EQ are more likely to succeed in life than those who have higher IQ.


1. Tumbang preso

Who can ever forget this game? Your kid’s tsinelas is the only weapon they need. And oh, get them a Rambo hehe


2. Piko

No chalk? No worries. A stone will do. That’s how we did it back then. (Right, Deo and Pam?)

PHOTO CREDITS – www.breeze.com.ph


3. Patintero

PHOTO CREDITS – inquirer.net


4. Langit Lupa

Kids develop their imagination by visualing that the lower ground is on fire and the higher ground is safe.

PHOTO CREDITS – balay.ph


5. Chinese garter

PHOTO CREDITS – sneakerspotsandcamera.com


6. Agawan base

PHOTO CREDITS – forumdewa.net

7. Sipa

Wanted to teach them how to be precise with their movements? Get them to play sipa.

PHOTO CREDITS – flippish.com


8. Sungka

Here, they develop their cognitive skills by figuring out how to get more marbles/shells and not end up on a blank bahay

PHOTO CREDITS – choosephilippines.com


9. Text/teks

They’ll develop fine motor skills by playing this and learning that, in life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

PHOTO CREDITS – juan-republic.com


10. Jolen/holen

PHOT CREDITS – mugstoria.com


Feel old yet? hehe. what’s your personal favorite? Did we miss anything? Drop a comment in the comment box 😊


  1. You missed the “Luksong tinik” & “Luksong baka”, tagu-taguan, Nanay-tatay (hand game), Monkey, monkey.

    1. Hi, mommy Ann. Ay yes. I did. 🙁 tagutaguan pala was pone of my favorite. cant believe I forgot to write it down. hehe

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