5 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

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When you get married is an important first question to ask when thinking about your wedding planning. It makes a big difference. Of course, a summer wedding is what everybody pictures, sunshine, colorful drinks, and smiling faces; but a winter wedding can be just as beautiful and comes with a wide range of other benefits. See below for some of the excellent advantages of having a winter wedding. 

Venue and Vendor Availability 

If you’re getting married you might need this link:, you might also need to look into the availability of venues and vendors in the summer months. When you do you will probably discover their lack of availability for years to come, that’s what makes a winter wedding so appealing. 

Getting married in winter is like getting married in the off-peak season. There are not only more venues to choose from, but vendors such as fitters and catering are more available. Take the extra stress out of wedding planning and give yourself more options. 

Seasonal Pricing 

When planning your wedding you will have a budget to work with. When you compare your options, summer versus winter, you will be surprised by how much you can save. Demand affects pricing meaning you can save a ton with a winter wedding. 

Because the winter is the off-peak season for weddings, you will notice that many venues offer discounts and specials to encourage couples to book with them. Take advantage of this, and the lower rates by switching to a winter schedule. 

Decorated Venues

Some of the major benefits of winter weddings are the savings that can be made. You do not only make savings with venues and vendors, but also with decorations. Decorations can eat up a lot of your wedding budget but during the festive season, you make a saving.

If you like a particular church or venue and want to get married there, chances are you won’t have to decorate it in the winter. If it’s a well-known church or hotel it will already have seasonal decoration up – you can decide if they’re tasteful or not, but you won’t have to put up your own. 

Guest Availability 

During the summer months, it’s normal for guests to be unavailable. They may have other weddings to attend or holidays booked. The guest list for your wedding can be a challenge to arrange anyway, but it’s made far easier in the winter months. 

During the winter there are fewer weddings and holidays taking place, moreover, the guests who live in other cities and countries are home for the season making it easier for them to attend. Your guest will be happy to hear you’re planning your wedding in the winter. 

Recycle Holiday Decorations 

You can save even more time and money with a winter wedding by recycling your decorations. Holiday decorations are very easy to come by, they could be fairy lights, lanterns, or fake trees, garlands, glitter, etcetera. They are easy to find in the shops or borrow from friends. 

Because the festive season rolls around every year you can use some of the decorations from the previous year, or use your wedding decorations for future years. You can have an ethical wedding in this way, and make your decorations go further. 

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