I was never into watching series before becoming a part of the Netflix Stream Team, well, I do watch MasterChef, Cutthroat kitchen, ANTM if that counts haha.

Stranger Things got me hooked into watching series. It was the first ever series that I got to finish (still waiting for season three and more seasons haha) and binge watch. So, here, I am rounding up top 5 Netflix series that you should watch.

This is in no particular order:


The Crown – This is the probably the grandest production I have watched to date. It’s said that The Crown is one of the most expensive Netflix projects ever. The Crown is the story of Queen Elizabeth II and that includes her life as a queen, her personal life, her life as a mom and her life as a wife. It shows the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.

My mini Lilibet

The Crown is very informative and the facts and events are accurate. I have learned so much about history in watching The Crown than I did in school haha. I love the grandeur of the show and how it shows the lives of the monarchs, then, after a few episodes, I caught myself doing the the Queen’s wave, expressions and tone haha.

The actors and actresses have superb acting skills. This is one of the things I love most about Netflix, their actors and actresses are the cream of the crop.


Stranger Things – As mentioned, Stranger Things is the first series I have watched from the start and finished (binge watch to be exact haha) to the last episode shown as of now.

The show’s fast paced and there’s no dull moment, maybe the reason why I finished all two seasons in 4 nights (talk about eye bags haha)

The actors’ acting skills are just so good. The kids are adorable yet they act so dang well. Winona Ryder’s acting skills is superb. Her emotions during the whole series went through highs and lows and she portrayed each well.

Stranger Things’ setting is in a small town where everything started to get messed up when a government agency did something that opened a gate to supernatural forces. A boy went missing which then lead to chain of events that will become the town’s horror. It also was the start of the missing boy’s friends’ adventure to look for him with the help of several other people from the town.

This series will definitely get the teens, adults, parents and even grandparents hooked up.


Mindhunter – If you love psychological movies, then, Mindhunter sure is the perfect series for you. It’s a story of two agents in 1970’s that started a new department in FBI where they studied the behavior of criminals. This behavioral study enabled them to capture a criminal and lead him to confess to the crime he had committed.

The study and research they do is stomach-churning because of the morbid acts the criminals do, and at the same time, dangerous for the FBI agents as they come face to face in the same room in prison with the sociopath criminals.

This series is also informative, I felt like I was watching NatGeo or Discovery channel documentaries.


Riverdale – Okay. To be honest, I was never into high school romance themed movie or series because, maybe, I thought I’m too old and my preference changed haha. So, when I learned that Riverdale’s main characters are in high school, I was hesitant to watch it, but after hearing several good reviews about it, I gave it a go. Riverdale is much more than what I thought it would be. It’s a mind-boggling series that started with the death of one popular and rich kid in the town of Riverdale.

Channeling my inner Victoria Lodge (conservative mommy version haha)

Everyone started to become a suspect and each with a different motive. The dark side of each character will be shown episode after episode. When you thought that you figure everything out, something will be revealed and your presumption will be deemed wrong.

Riverdale is a fast paced series full of action (not action movie with guns and stuff), each character has a story to tell and each episode will keep you wanting for more.


13 Reasons Why – Some people regard this series as depressing. To start with, 13 reasons why is a story of a girl who committed suicide. She left 13 cassette tapes that served as her emotional diary where she recorded her thoughts and why’s she committed suicide.

Okay, so is this series depressing? First off, I’d say it’s “affecting”. It deeply affected me and I’m sure everyone who watched this were, too. It’s also disturbing because it unfolds a story of a teenager’s depression. Teenager life is confusing, stressful, full of peer pressure, and yes, it can lead to depression.

Now, is 13 reasons why depressing? Maybe. Depends on the audience. I wasn’t depressed, but I’m pretty sure that if my husband watched this with me, he will be.

But the thing about 13 reasons why is, it’s an ultimate eye-opener that this things like this happen and the thought of committing suicide even just once, runs into people’s minds. BUT, this thing can be prevented if proper actions are to be taken.

The show is about bullying of the main character, Hannah Baker. Each person she mentions on her cassette tape diary is one of the reasons why she took her own life. You’d be surprised how each character contributed to Hannah Baker’s agony.  Yet again, this series is unpredictable, just when you thought you figure everything out, you’d discover something along the way that would make your presumptions wrong.

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  1. How to be you po? haha.. Dream job ko yan, binge watch ng series. or kahit captioning ng movies and series.
    How about Girl Boss and Bright. They are also Netflix Originals. Ang ganda nung Bright, sayang lang kase movie hindi series, kaso with Will Smith in it, I could imagine kung gaano kamahal to produce if ginawa siyang series. Girl Boss is good one too, annd Van Helsing. Even the animes are great. Current inaabangan on my end is Violet Evergarden.
    Oh another new Netflix movie perfect for the love month would be When We First Met.

    Geez,ang daming magandang panoorin sa Netflix.

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