5 Activities to do with your best friends

They said, friends are the family we get to choose. We are not related by blood, but we are like family, we are bonded by love. They also say that if a friendship lasts more than 7 years, it will last a lifetime. When you find true friends, you sure are lucky. I have been friends with my bestest of friends for more than 21 years now. Quite a time, huh?

What activities can you do with your friends? Here are some tips:

  1. Spa party – Time to pamper yourselves over this relaxing activity, catch up with each other and leave the spa feeling relaxed and recharged.
  2. Coffee – Just a quick chat and break over your busy lives. This activity will surely make you feel connected with your friends.
  3. Out of town – A quick escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city, having some fresh air, break from social media and other technology will definitely make you feel refreshed and well-bonded with your friends.
  4. Work-out – Working out becomes a lot more enjoyable when you have a work-out buddy. So go and achieve your bod-goals together.
  5. Slumber party – Plus Netflix and Pizza!!! Nothing beats this, right? Some Netflix originals you and your friends can watch are: Insatiable (series that you ca all binge-on), Sierra Burgess is a loser, The After Party, and Next Gen – these are all about friendship. For comedy series, you might want to watch Santa Clarita Diet, and for mind-boggling Sci-Fi series, Black Mirror, and Mindhunter.

And, don’t forget to take photos to capture the memories. My childhood bestfriends and I have tons of photographs from the past and we’ll surely capture more when we see each other (using this Instax). We’ll be having a slumber party just like we do when we were kids, and binge watch on our favorite Netflix movies and series!


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