3 Sustainable Additions To Your Wedding Plans

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If you are eager to welcome your sustainability credentials into your big day, you need to think about how you can save energy and leave a tiny carbon footprint when you get hitched. You probably have a wedding planning list as long as your arm. You have the catering, the dress, the venue, the photographer, the cake and the rings to think about. Getting all of this sorted may take priority over doing your little bit to save the planet. However, if you bring being green into every bit of your decision making, you can make your big day more sustainable.


The Rings

If you are looking for your wedding bands together, you might want to veer away from the traditional yellow gold plain band. Instead, you could opt for diamond encrusted rings. By sourcing your diamonds from an ethically reputable diamond company, you can add a touch of sustainability to your big day. Check out these Brilliant Earth reviews and learn all about a company that sources diamonds from sustainable regions and that used its own bespoke and responsibly sourced wooden ring boxes. You could utilize these diamonds in your own artisan designed ring that could be a wholly one of a kind piece of jewelry. Going local for your design will also cut down on the energy used to mass manufacture your stunning ring.


When planning your eating options, you want something that creates a gastronomic feast without the wastage that could occur. Think about foregoing the three course sit down affair and go for something more informal and simple. Street food vendors from your locality can bring a touch of authenticity and uniqueness to your big day. Do your research and opt for a street food van that is electric, that utilizes sustainable cutlery and dishes, and that sources ingredients locally rather than contributing thousands of air miles and carbon emissions to the environment. By keeping the portions sensible and by ordering the right amount of grub for your guests, there will be less wastage to worry about.


For your outfit, you may be keen on the big white wedding. No matter what your budget, you can look stunning in a beautiful white wedding gown. If you are looking to be more sustainable, you don’t have to go for a brand new designer garment that you will only ever wear once. Instead, you can head to a vintage clothes shop and purchase a 1950s gown or a vintage 1920s white flapper style dress. You don’t have to wear the dress as is and can customize it if you wish. This about changing the shape to make a lower neckline or add lace sleeves to your dress. Alternatively, you can have the dress taken in or out depending on your shape. Whatever vintage dress you choose, you can sustainably make this garment look like it was made for you.

Your wedding should be the most exciting day of your life. Follow this guide and you can ensure that your eco-credentials are prominent when you get hitched.

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