Mommy's Diary

The new instagram-perfect parenting moments

How spacious each cubicle is

Parenthood has its not-so-glamorous side. The not-the-usual-instagrammable-snaps. Parenting is not easy but these moments definitely are what make parenthood so much rewarding, fun and memorable.

The following photos are what I call the new instagram perfect shots.


You just have to drink coffee to jump start your day
When your little one doesn’t want to be put down to bed. You end up sleeping with her on your chest – simply because you are sleep deprived
She then decides to conquer your small side of the bed making it EVEN smaller



Then, there are days when she wants the whole bed to herself


When she accidentally deletes your work


When she won’t let you be out of her sight


You also have no right to poop in peace


You mastered doing everything with one hand in your usual mom-bun-hairstyle


When you are out and she’s asleep. You then think that you can finally eat on time. But no, she wakes up even before they serve the food


You travel with a lot of stuff – stroller, car seat, pillows, feeding utensils, nappies, extra clothes (a lot) and toys – you must not leave even a single one behind


You get a lot of scratches especially on your face


Date nights are spent at home with your kid. These nights become much more fun and full of love

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