As parents, these are the 15 things that we should cherish:

1. The phase when they keep on following us. This stage is for keeps as they never want to lose sight of us.

2. The moments we wipe their tears.

3. That moment when they just keep on calling us. Mommy here, Mommy there, Mommy everywhere.

4. Their screams whenever they’re too happy playing.

5. Their endless questions of, “Whats?”, “When’s”, “Why’s”, and “How’s?”

6. Their costumes, pretend play clothes – Princesses, Superheroes, Animal characters, etc. They just look so adorable in them, right?

7. Their “carry me, please” stage.

8. Our playtime with them.

9. The times when we laugh, smile, and play tickle.

10. Those moments when we hold their hands while walking or going up and down the staircase.

11. The clothes or things that they want us to wear, even though these might make us look silly, we’d still do it for them.

12. The stage when we are together 24/7.

13. The years when we see them all the time.

14. Whenever they’re hurt, it’s us who they’ll call first, and with just our hug or kiss, the pain will all banish – that stage.

15. Their hugs, kisses, and I love you’s

Because sooner or later, we’ll miss these. We won’t be as close. Seize, and cherish every moment.

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