11 Signs You Have A Strong, Healthy Relationship

Having a healthy, strong relationship is key if you want to live in harmony with your partner. Whether you’re moving in together, thinking of having kids, or thinking of getting married, it’s a good idea to make sure you are strong and healthy first. If you don’t have a stable relationship and you decide to make a big decision like getting married, it could stand to emphasize your problems and make anything that is an issue in your relationship far worse.

This doesn’t mean you can’t fix issues if you do have them, but you must be aware of them first.  Simply sweeping them under the rug is not going to work, and even if you can both ignore your problems for a little while, they will always present themselves to you in different forms until you work on eradicating them.

Now, when it comes to eradicating issues, you and your partner both need to be on board and willing to compromise. You can’t just point the finger of blame at your partner and think that all of your issues will go away. There’s a famous saying that goes, ‘if you want a change in the world, you must first work on changing yourself.’ What are you doing that could be contributing to the problem, and how could you handle this better?

Anyway, we digress. This post is about looking for signs that you have a strong, healthy relationship. Read on for 11 of them!

  1. You And Your Partner Feel Very Comfortable With One Another

It’s important you feel like you can be yourself with your partner, and that they feel the same with you. Feeling like you have to be somebody else for your relationship is not healthy. You should be comfortable to go without makeup, to speak your mind, and just to be your true, authentic self. You’ll feel better in any relationship where you can be yourself.

  1. You Can Spend Time Apart Without Getting Jealous or Having Arguments

People in a relationship should spend time apart from time to time. It helps you to develop your own hobbies and friendships and come back to one another with more stories and things to talk about. Living in one another’s pockets can be deemed unhealthy; you risk losing yourself and becoming dependant on one another, which is not healthy at all.

  1. You’ve Spoken Of Your Future And You Know Your Vision Matches Up

Being able to talk about your future is important, especially if you see this as a serious, long term relationship. There’s no right or wrong timeline for a couple, as everybody is different. However, you should both agree and be happy with where your relationship is heading. You may not be looking at wedding invites just yet, but if you want to get married and you both see it in your future, that is a good sign!  

  1. You Each Have Your Own Personal Hobbies, Interests, And Goals

Having your own personal hobbies, interests, and goals will make you more interesting, confident people. You can have similar hobbies of course, and even introduce one another to the things you love, but you don’t have to be exactly the same in this respect. Providing you support one another, it’s a sign of a strong relationship.

  1. You And Your Partner Bring Out The Best In One Another
    If you feel like the best version of yourself when you’re with your partner, this is a good sign. You shouldn’t feel down, drained, or like they are sucking the life and happiness out of you. Not every relationship will be happy 24/7, but you certainly shouldn’t be feeling low all the time.
  1. You Can Be Honest With One Another

Honesty is key in any relationship. You may need to be tactful sometimes, but being honest with your partner is a must. If you feel like you can’t be, for whatever reason, try to get to the bottom of why.

  1. You Communicate Well

Communication can be one of the main reasons a relationship breaks down in the first place. If you struggle to communicate your emotions and feelings without blame on the other person, then you will have many arguments. Work on your communication skills!

  1. You Support One Another During Difficult Times

Your partner should be an important part of your support system. They should be there for you when things get rough, and you for them. If they are not, or you feel unable to be there for your partner, it can be a sign of emotional unavailability.

  1. You Both Have Complete Trust In One Another

Trust is another key factor in any relationship. Having total trust in your partner is a must. If you don’t, it’s important to examine yourself first. Has your partner done anything to make you doubt them, or are your fears coming from your own insecurity?

  1. When You Disagree, You Disagree Healthily

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that healthy relationships don’t have disagreements. Of course they do! However, when you disagree, you must do so healthily. You shouldn’t get personal or try to get one up on the other person. This should be about coming to a mutual understanding or agreement that you are both happy with. You should never disagree in front of your children, either. It’s crucial to put on a united front!

  1. You Stay Connected Physically And Emotionally

Staying connected physically and emotionally will help your relationship to last. Say ‘I love you’ when you mean it, hold hands, and don’t forget to hug. You don’t have to touch one another every minute of the day, but it is an important part of feeling close in a relationship. However, it’s important to remember that each person has a different ‘love language’ and will express their love differently. Finding out what each of your languages is and then discussing them will help you to create a relationship that is mutually satisfying for the long term!

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