When it comes to our precious little ones, we tend to be compulsive buyers. Anything we find cute or thought of being useful, we buy. I, myself, have bought a lot of stuff for my Olivia that I thought were “needs”, but ended up to be useless.

The data were gathered from 55 moms on different parts of the world. The objective is to help moms, especially first time mommas, to have an idea of what to buy and what not. So you can save those hard earned money for your bub’s future or spend them on something more important.

However, since each mom is unique, it’s still up to you (depending on your lifestyle) if you’ll be buying stuff on this list.


1. Crib – Most moms prefer co-sleeping


2. Teethers – Babies just throw them


3. Bottle warmer – Time consuming


4. Pacifier/dummy/soother


5. Stroller/pram/buggy – They now prefer baby wearing.


6. Changing table – Apparently, moms do not have the time to go to the changing table for every diaper change.


7. Wipes warmer


8. Feeding bottles – More moms are breastfeeding now. Hooray.


9. Burp cloths


10. Diaper genie



***credits to the owners of the photos used***



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