A baby does not come with a manual. As they say, parenting is a trial and error journey, thus, pieces of helpful advice from experienced moms could be a life-saver.

Although, there’s no formula that fits all, you’ll still be able to have an idea of some do’s and dont’s.

Here are 10 pieces of advice that could help you out as you embrace your new and exciting life.


  1. “Listen to your mommy gut and baby’s queues when making decisions, even if it goes against what anyone or anything says.” -Deborah Dotson
  2. ” Be easy on yourself, the world if filled with people that will judge everything you do as a mom and parent. But we are our own worst critics.” – Morgan Egnater
  3. “Stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to tell others that you are doing xyz. Also, if you don’t want visitors, say so! You don’t have to put in the energy to entertain if you’re not able to, don’t worry about their feelings. Also, if you do want visitors and they start helping you (cook you food or fold your laundry), don’t be proud. Let them help! If they ask how they can help you, tell them to hold the baby for the next hour while you sleep or shower. That little stuff is like mini magic.” – Jessie Harpin (not on the photo)
  4. ” You will have bad days and not everything will be perfect all the time. What matters is you learn from each situation and strive to be better for your child. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make time for you so you can be the best mommy” – Maria Florencia (not on the photo)


  5. “Your child feels what you feel. If you need a moment alone, take a few minutes to calm down and adjust. Babies respond to how you act with them. If you’re upset, baby is upset. Never be afraid to ask for a little help when it’s too much. If you’re doing it alone, take that breather.” – Paige Darlene
  6. “As long as the baby is fed, dispersed, clean, and sleeps. You’re doing a good job. Use nap time wisely (if you’re tired take a nap too) Listen to your mommy gut. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Sometimes you need a pajama day. If someone says can I get you something when I come see you and the baby except it and say yes whether it’s food or toilet paper.” – Maryann Gowdy McConnell
  7. ” Everyone is going to have something to say about how you should be caring for your child take all advice with a grain of salt, keep in mind you are this baby’s momma and you know whats best for them there are no perfect parents just do the best you can do” – Kailey Austin Anderson (not on the photo)
  8. “Sleep when they sleep” – Micki Huntington
  9. “The advice I always get is don’t let people tell you how to parent. You’re mommy & you wouldn’t put your child in harm’s way (I do take suggestions though).” – Denasia Parker
  10. “If it makes you a cranky mom, don’t put up with it.” – Carley Tetreault



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