Im pretty sure our toddlers are moody yet we find them too adorable. Here are 10 kinds of toddlers. Which of them best describes your toddler?

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1.The Hulk – The Hulk has some anger management issues. One minute she’s smiling and laughing almost like an angel, the next minute she turns into an incredible hulk banging and smashing things.

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2. The Flash – We all know how challenging it is to clean up the house but what’s more challenging is maintaining it this way. I am proud to say that in our home, I can maintain the cleanliness at 3 minutes tops (hooraaayyy!) 3 minutes? Yes! That is actually quite a long time already because, when your toddler turns into The Flash, s/he can mess up everything in a span of 2 seconds. Super fast, right? Just like The Flash!

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3. The Disney Princess – One of the most adorable of them all. The one who just loves to sing and dance and hum while playing, while walking, while taking a bath, basically most of the time.

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4. The American Ninja Warrior – The kid who wants to climb and ride on everything who seems to dream of being a ninja

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5. The Siren – This is the type of toddler who screams and cries on top of their lungs even due to simplest matters haha. I personally find this funny sometimes. I do not want my kid to see me laughing, though, because I do not want to tolerate the kind of behavior but come on, it’s just too adorable.

6. The Wanderer – Before your kid walks, you would often ask, “When is s/he gonna walk?” But as soon as s/he finally mastered the art of walking, the question you would then ask is “When is s/he gonna sit?” lol

7. The Runner – Showing signs as early as know that your kid wants to be the next Usain Bolt by running and running and running all the time. Do you ever wonder where do these toddlers store all the energy?


8. The Drunk – The kid who can sleep literally anywhere in any position

9. The Toy Hoarder – The type of toddler who doesn’t like one specific toy unless s/he sees another kid holding it. Ta-Da! In an instant, s/he loves that toy.

10. The laugh-with-me-or-else-I-will-cry – You know what this is. If they find something funny, you, too, shall laugh with them or else!


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