Are you breastfeeding your baby? Do you ever wonder if other babies have the same mannerisms as yours?

There are different kinds of nursing babies and every single one sure is adorable.


1. The Shark

You might think that your baby is a baby shark in disguise. The shark bites, chews and gnaws the nippies. You are lucky enough if your baby shark’s got no teeth yet.


2. The Vacuum Cleaner

You are nursing your little one, s/he then, suddenly decides to look around while your nippie is still inside her mouth sucked in like a vacuum cleaner. OUCH!


3. The Milk Drunk

Baby’s too hyper? Baby won’t sleep? But as soon as s/he latches on, s/he would fall asleep in an instant literally like a drunk baby

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4. The Dentist

Talk about dream jobs? This baby is showing signs as early as now that s/he wanted to be a dentist someday by putting his/her thumb in his/her mouth while breastfeeding.


5. The Kick boxer

Professional kick boxer in the making?Yes. Probably. This baby’s legs won’t stop kicking and kicking as if training for a big fight.


6. The Athlete

Latch, unlatch, leaves you for seconds to play and goes back to latch again. Repeat 568 times.


7. The Mechanic

S/he will keep on inspecting your nose, mouth, neck, collarbone, eyes and anything in arm’s reach as if looking for something broken. S/he would tap, bang, point and pinch them.


8. The Nippie Twiddler

Yup. The famous twiddlers. While the mechanic would touch and play with anything in arm’s reach, the nippie twiddler would (obviously) pinch and play with your other nipple. (How does this feel? I wonder if it makes moms uncomfortable he he)

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9. The Bootie Shaker

Do you have a baby that keeps on dancing and twerking around while breastfeeding?  You are not alone. Mine’s a twerker, too. Lol


10. The Gymnast

Last but definitely not the least. #Gymnurstics – I find this the most adorable. Babies who try to do exhibitions while breastfeeding. Doing acts like the Olympians. This baby will probably be a gold medalist, you say?


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