Who here gives presents to their mama’s, sisters, aunts  or wives on Mother’s Day? It’s safe to say that we all do to show our love and appreciation for everything they do for us.

However, when we ask them what gift would they want to receive on Mother’s Day, they would often say, none.

Do you ever wonder what do they really want?

We managed to get answers from 10 moms. Here are their answers so you can stop giving them the usual cakes and roses he he.


1. Staycation

Yes, please. Plus room service.



2.  International getaway

SAHM, WAHM and working moms all deserve this getaway. Time to see different places aside from our home and workplace.

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3. Bag

Preferrably Hermes hehe. Every mom deserves this.

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4. Bracelet

Cartier, please. This is simply as precious as mom.

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5. Massage

We really would appreciate having this. Moms work 24/7, thus, their muscles are simply stressed out. About time to reduce those pain and muscle tension.

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6. Mani-Pedi

Mom’s hands and feet are totally tired and worn out. Make them look and feel better by treating her at her favorite nail spa for mani and pedi services.

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7. Haircut

Make her feel and look better by having a nice haircut. Moms don’t have to look loshang. We always have to look beautiful for our husbands, our kids and for ourselves.

PHOTO CREDITS – @hairshaftmitch’s IG


8. Kitchenware

We spend time in the kitchen and we love cooking for our loved ones. A new kitchenware would definitely make cooking more fun.

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9.  LOTS of sleep

Definitely a sucker for this. This is probably the best gift I would like to get. Hurray for lots of undisturbed sleep.


10. Moment of silence

NEED. Self explanatory 😁

PHOTO CREDITS – www.amandabears.com


How about you? What’s on your wishlist?


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